Click the image below to immerse yourself in an exhilarating collection of panoramic exhibitions detailing poster images, videos and recorded details of our history and Black heroes. Our events are specifically designed to empower our community and inform the world at large that we are proud and talented people, that have and continue to make an undeniable contribution to the world. Whether the conversation is around Sports, Entertainment, Acting, Music, Culture, Politics, Science and even astrology our contributions are without doubt at the pinnacle of most achievements.  There are literally NO words that immediately precedes or follows the word BLACK that is anything but derogatory. So the Black Gifted Network is launching a campaign to have the term BLACKGIFTED entered into the Oxford dictionary as a true representation of who we are and what we represent and our achievements around the world".

The Black Gifted Network salute some of the most incredible Bajan sportsmen that have contributed to the amazing achievements of the West Indian Cricket Teams. We start with the most recent accolades for Carlos Braithwaite and Jofra Archer as we go back over time to the legendary Sir Garfield Sobers.

Music... Dear Bajan celebrants we may still be in lockdown but the soco party spirit must go on. The Black Gifted Network's digital strategy is designed to enable us to thrive and prosper no matter what Society subjects us to. We will continue to develop and adapt to new technology and environments, until the fat lady sings or the end of time whichever comes last.