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We Map Businesses For Customers
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We locate Businesses all around the World, just CLICK on the Blue Jet & tell our pilot your Business destination.

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We group Venues into Business Districts for a visually lifelike experience, just CLICK on the Blue Jet & our pilot will take you to your desired district.

Until now running an Online Business or Internet Shop can be a complex process, enjoyed mostly by the pricey Digital Marketers, SEO vendors & advertisers. We designed the BizFinder directory to exhibit your Business in local & regional Mapped Virtual Venues. Our solution now delivers an immersive enjoyable & near real e-Shopping Experience for all.

Businesses Asked Us For?

  • An easy way for Customers to locate their Business
  • Less reliance on SEO & costly Paid ADs
  • More support for Shops, Businesses & Traders
  • Affordable Business, Retail & Trading Venue
  • A way to "put THEIR Business on the Map"

    Shoppers Asked Us to?

  • Let them Shop by any Product Category or Genre
  • Let them Shop Anywhere in the World
  • Bring back the Shopping Experience

    They Asked, We Listened, Let's Enjoy!....

  • Our Business Services

  • Virtualized Business Venues
  • Geographical Business Directories
  • Business & Shopping Promotions (Expo's)
  • Immersive & realistic digital experiences
  • Internet Compliance Insurance Services
  • E-Commerce Consultancy
  • Internet Website Audits (GDPR)

    Digital Services

  • Digital Events - in 2D, 3D, VR & AR
  • Webinar & Conference Broadcasting
  • Websites, Apps & Hosting
  • Digital Marketing

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to Launch a Virtual Venue in every Internet Map location in the world and provide a simple and easy way to locate Websites, Instagram Pages, Etsy Shops etc without having to remember abstract URLs. We declare that you'll never have to worry about costly SEO and Paid advertising anymore.

    But How?

    Business directories are commonly used to list businesses providing products or services. Whereas, Maps have been used since the beginning of time to locate all places of interest.

    So we've combined the power of a directory with the simplicity of a Map together with the convenience of a Virtual Venue to ensure that everyone can easily find the Business, Shop or Trader they seek & enjoy the Products & Services on offer

    Get PAID when you feature your Shop, Business or Trade in any of our Virtual Venues Worldwide.